What is the standard of living in Thailand?

Thais are the only people in this part of the world who understand a version of the standard of living differently from what you think.

When we were told about a ‘lockdown’ following a stay home order, not everyone understands what lockdown means as many homes have no gates, let alone doors. (Please do not be misled that we live in slums.)

Average Thai families have their start from a village-like or a community living where anyone can come into each other privacy without blinking an eye.

After some years, many moved out to set up families. Some move to townhouses and houses with a compound, my dad was a Bangkok born who grew up there. He moved out once he graduated from college after WW 2.

  • The standard of living varies from family to family. Most likely, depending on how deep is the pockets, if you want apartment phuket to buy.

Regardless of where you live, ‘the Rich’ in Thailand is better off in what money can buy.

But it does not mean the poor are miserable, far from it. The ‘so-called, ’poor in rural areas in Thailand are the happiest people as they are sustainable in every sense. They live on a big piece of land in a natural setting amid greeneries with their extended families. They are busy with hands-on working in cottage industries.

How about the rural folks who come to Bangkok “the Big Mango,” to work or study. They may be temporarily classified as ‘the poor folks’ living in the big city. Eventually, they will progress materially and assimilate as like-minded Bangkokians and enjoy the same living standard as the locals who work, live, and play in the big city…Provided they are well behaved and civic-minded (not a crook or a Yaba dealer)

A city living in a capital city like Bangkok is like anywhere else. There are challenges for the family’s head to make ends meet, working from dusk till dawn. Average families enjoy good living standards in Bangkok with the roof over the head with a proper family surrounded by cats and dogs as pets. With much less added-stress from the lawmakers to bombard them with demands in all kinds of taxes, expecting socially perfect etiquette for a city orderliness.

Unlike other developed countries in Asia. People who are doing mundane things day-to-day living are likely to be more stressed up from constant demands from the government for social perfection and orderliness.

  • One more thing, I realize that young working adults in Thailand enjoy a better standard of living than their counterparts in other countries. Among others are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. My son bought a 68 sq m condominium unit at the age of 29 after five working years. The cost was one-an-a-half-time of his yearly income, while his peers in Singapore are astonished by that.

In short, life in Thailand may not be as smooth sailing as most developed countries, but the standard of living is great for conscientious minded people and it keeps improving… Things are inevitably getting more expensive. That what freaks me out!

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